Without the proper knowledge, pay per click management can be time consuming, confusing, and a waste of your precious marketing dollars.  Let Hawaii’s Google Ads expert manage every aspect of your account from start to finish.

Hawaii PPC management consultant specialized in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising account set-up, management and optimization, and audits.


Goals Consultation: Conduct review of your website and your business/revenue model and discuss your campaign goals. Is it simply more traffic that you seek, or do you have certain cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or return on investment (ROI) goals that you want to meet?

Keyword Research: Research and develop targeted keywords most relevant to your products and/or services. Ecommerce websites looking for Google Shopping campaigns (product listing ads) will instead upload a data feed with optimized product titles and descriptions to a Google Merchant Center account.

Ad Text Development: Write and optimize compelling ad creative for your PPC campaigns that will entice potential customers to click on the ad, and visit your website. For ecommerce websites, Google shopping ads are created automatically via the images, titles, and prices included in data feed. Additionally,  Merchant Promotions in data feed allow advertisers to display specific online promotions next to Shopping ads.

Bid Management: Manage all keyword and/or shopping bids based on monthly budget and CPL or ROI goals you provide. Bid adjustments aim to ensure optimum ad placement, and maximum targeted click-through and conversion rates.

Landing Page Assessment: Critique landing pages and offer tips and techniques to increase conversions.

Detailed Performance Reports: Deliver weekly and monthly performance reports on clicks, conversions, and ROI so that you can monitor your progress.

Growth and Expansion: As your business grows, you may find yourself offering new products, expanding on your services or moving into new markets. PPC Buyers will assist in building out new campaigns to keep up with your movement on the fast track.

Services Not Included: Web and/or graphic design (e.g. banners and landing pages); website development and/or coding (e.g. conversion tracking or Google Analytics implementation, shopping feed upload and maintenance).

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