Is VR Commerce in Your Future?

By ecommerce

VR (virtual reality) is not just for gaming anymore. From booking travel to buying a car or even shopping for clothes online, both virtual and augmented reality tech are gearing up to transform our shopping experiences.

Per Forbes “VR: The Brands That Are Imagining A New Commerce Reality”:

“Broadly speaking, these technologies can drive foot traffic, create new brand experiences or even establish a virtual storefront. Many in commerce, from retailers to travel agents, are experimenting with these new technologies to enable consumers to visualize or experience what they are about to purchase – giving way to a new reality for commerce.”

Read the entire article here.

Another interesting read on the subject is this eMarketer interview of Eloi Gerard, the CEO of a Shanghai-based virtual reality (VR) content studio, about what VR commerce could mean for big brands:

“It’s going to take maybe 10 years for people to use VR like we are using the mobile phone right now, and for it to reach 80% of the population. VR probably won’t be mainstream, because there is no point wearing a VR headset in day-to-day life.

What will probably help to make VR mainstream will be MR—mixed reality. [Augmented reality maker] Meta is probably the most advanced with MR right now, because Microsoft said they would not release their HoloLens upgrade before 2019.”

You can read that article here.