Do You Trust Google to Write Your Ads?

By March 27, 2018September 21st, 2018AdWords

If you have not yet heard about or received an AdWords email alert about “Ad Suggestions”, have ignored or missed the “New ad suggestions will auto apply soon” notifications in your AdWords account – it’s time to pay attention!

Starting April 30, ​AdWords will automatically apply “suggested ads” (that they create) to your account unless you specifically opt out. According to Google, these ad suggestions are created via “a combination of human review and machine learning” and are based on existing ads, account and campaign extensions, landing pages, and “additional signals such as keywords and targeting.”

Per Google:

“Ad suggestions will automatically apply 14 days after they’re created unless you proactively apply, edit, or dismiss them beforehand.

Ad suggestions that auto-apply will appear on the Ads & extensions page with the tag “Auto applied ad suggestion,” and Google will also notify you in various ways that these ads have been created.”

If you are more of a hands off, set it and forget it account manager, and trust Google to know your company voice, or perhaps you are actively working in the new AdWords interface (notifications about ad suggestions are NOT in current/old UI as I understand it) – this change may be of no concern to you.

I’m generally not a fan of “auto-applied” features by AdWords because their recommendations do not always align with client strategies and goals. And most importantly, Google has no way of knowing each of my clients’ company message or style guide. For example, I have financial clients that require specific verbiage always be displayed in Headline 1 or 2, with “if this then that” rules of how and when verbiage appears. How would Google know and implement that? Other clients require specific text be included if trademarked term is used in ad, so again – how would Google know this? Not to mention that the majority of clients require internal marketing team approval, and in some cases legal department approval, before any ads can go live.

Here is the most recent AdWords email notification I have seen:

“Starting after ​April ​29, ​2018, you may see ad suggestions on the Recommendations page, and can choose to manually apply or dismiss them. Depending on your account settings, you’ll get an alert in AdWords and receive a corresponding email every time we suggest new ads. You’ll have 14 days from the notification to review them, after which the ads will be automatically enabled unless you choose to remove them.

If you’d like to receive ad suggestions, you don’t need to take any action at this time. However, this email does not guarantee that your account will receive ad suggestions.

You can opt out of automatically applying these ads in your account settings. If you have a manager account, you can opt out accounts in bulk by going to “Management” on the Accounts page.”

If you prefer absolute control over your ads, make sure to opt out before April 29, 2018.

You can read more about how to manage these new ad suggestions here:

And learn how to opt out completely here: