Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing delivers an instant source of highly targeted traffic to your website via search engines, such as Google and Bing. Each search engine offers a variety of ad formats, which may include: text ads, shopping (product listing) ads, image banner ads, remarketing ads, video ads, etc. How it works:

Bid On Keywords

Bid on words relevant to your products and/or services (or upload optimized product feed to Merchant Center for Shopping campaigns) and create accompanying ads that contain a link to the most relevant page on your site.

Reach Potential Customers

When potential customers search related keywords the search engine
delivers your ads, typically displaying them at the top or bottom of the search engine results page in an area marked “sponsored” or “ad.”

Pay For Clicks

You pay the search engine when someone clicks on your ad, hence the term “pay per click.” In this way, you are paying for visits from prequalified, highly targeted potential customers.

Generate Revenue

Highly targeted visitors to your website can turn into customers, which in turn leads to highly potent return on investment (ROI).