Keyword Conversions by Ad

One of my favorite reports has always been the Ad report that details which keywords are converting for which ads. Consider this: You see an ad yielding a very low conversion rate compared to others in the ad group. Your first instinct may be to pause that ad. However, if you review how ads are performing in relation to each keyword in that ad group, you might just find the ad performs exceptionally well for a specific keyword.

This report is especially helpful when reorganizing keywords into new ad groups. It’s important to carry over your best performing ads to your newly created ad groups, and this report helps to ensure you do just that.

Here’s how to run the report:

1) Navigate to the Ads tab of your desired Campaign or Ad Group

2) Click on the “Columns” button (above the graph and below the Keywords tab)

3) Select the columns you want populated in your report (e.g. clicks, cost, conversions, etc.) and click Save.

4) Click the download report icon, which isĀ  a black downward pointing arrow located below the Keywords tab

5) You should now see the green Download and Schedule report box.

6) Click “+ Add Segment” link.

7) A drop down menu appears where you can select Keyword / Placement

8) Click “Create” and download the spreadsheet.