Google Users Can Now Upload Photos to Google Places

If there’s anything people love to share with family and friends or even strangers, it’s photos. Whether it’s a pic of the awesome kalua pig nacho’s at Hapa J’s down the street, or photos of the amazing sunsets I’ve witnessed whilst sipping Mai Thai’s at Wind & Sea at the harbor, I’m ALWAYS posting pics of what I’m eating, doing or finding at locations where I check-in.

In yet another move to dominate the local ad market, yesterday’s Google Lat Long Blog announced the addition of an “Upload a photo” link in the Photos & Videos section of Google Place pages. A logical move following up Hotpot, Google’s recommendation engine for Places a few month back, and the improved photo viewing feature before that.

According to Google blog:

“Photos that comply with our review guidelines will be available in Place page results for that particular business for you and any other potential customers to see. Users will also be able to explore these photos in search results across Google, Google Maps and Google Earth.”

It’s of course a great social media move on Google’s part – I now have one more place to visually share why I love the places I check-in at or review! And I’m assuming we’ll soon see Google Places check-ins as well?

My biggest concern from the business owner side of things is lack of control over uploaded images. Restaurants wouldn’t want photos that show a fly or hair in their food or drink, or inappropriate and even false images associated with their business. Hopefully some editing capabilities will be released soon to help business owners manage which photos are ultimately available for public viewing.